Have a seat

16 July, 2008


red birds


The chair I’m sitting in now as I type this is horrible, terrible, frequently cursed and soon headed to my sister’s house to die. I think it came from the family store or from PawPaw’s home office- there’s no telling how many decades it’s had to become so uncomfortable and flat (but my guess would be over 3… And that’s a long time for a desk chair.)

But, I found a different, more awesome desk chair hidden in the back of the garage. I know class when I see it, even covered in cobwebs and grime.

Here’s where you come in:

Pick a fabric for the new old chair. I asked the guy this morning via email and he was quite sure. But the co-workers were just as sure about a different fabric when I asked them later.

So now, I leave it up to you.


5 Responses to “Have a seat”

  1. GraceArtemis Says:

    Take the bird fabric! The bird fabric!

  2. smoothpebble Says:

    I was going to say pick the leaf fabric, but now I’m feeling peer pressure to go with the birds…..But no I’m sticking to my first response – the leaf fabric! Your latest flickr photos are very enjoyable. I especially like the water droplets and the cannonball sploosh!!

  3. Martha Says:

    And I am picking the retro orangish stars and swoops. Not just to drive you crazy with the choice, but cuz it is my fav. Second runner up is the leaves.

  4. MCM Says:

    can’t sit on the pretty pretty birds, would be mean…leaves perhaps a bit overdone of late (tho’ if you love them go with it!) so, the orange!…just because I like to be disagreeable!

  5. Pare Says:

    Orange. Then birds.

    Says my designer side. (HAR)

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